Stop the Saatchi Bill

Driven by an extraordinary two-year PR campaign on social media and a supportive newspaper partner, this all started as Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill, metamorphosed through several versions, and was resurrected under a new name by Chris Heaton-Harris, before finally clearing its last hurdle in the Lords this week to become the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Act. Pretty much the only thing they share is the word 'Innovation' in the title.

One day, it may be possible for politicians to ask the people who actually work in the medical field: what are the problems you face, and how can we help you overcome them?

One day, politicians may actually listen to the answers they receive, and thus try to tackle genuine problems rather than imagined ones.

One day, politicians, medics, researchers, lawyers, patient groups, charities, and the public, may work together to overcome the barriers to the development and provision of new treatments.

But it is not this day.

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What do doctors, lawyers and medical charities say?

The following organisations and individuals responded to the Medical Innovation Bill consultation.

If you think we have missed any, please let us know.

Extracts from these responses can be read here.

Academy for Healthcare Sciences

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

Academy of Medical Sciences, Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust

Action Against Medical Accidents

Association of Medical Research Charities

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

British Medical Association

British Pharmacological Society

Cancer Research UK

General Medical Council

Genetic Alliance UK

Good Thinking Society


Kingsley Napley LLP

Dr Margaret McCartney

Medical Defence Union

Medical Protection Society

Motor Neurone Disease Association

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

NHS Health Research Authority

NHS Litigation Authority

Nick Ross

Patients Association (added 24 February 2015)

Price Slater Gawne

Professor Jose Miola

Professor Michael Baum

Robert Francis QC

Royal College of General Practitioners (added 04 August 2014)

Royal College of Physicians

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Royal College of Radiologists

Royal College of Surgeons

Sean Ellis

The Nightingale Collaboration