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Thirdly, write to your MP to tell them you oppose the Bill and make them aware of the very high levels of opposition from the medical and legal professions, research charities and patient groups.

Your message doesn’t have to be long; just a short message will do. It’s always best to use your own words, but here’s some key points you may want to use:

Please oppose the Medical Innovation Bill that has been introduced by Lord Saatchi.

The Bill is not needed, removes vital patient protections, risks reckless practice, protects quackery and could harm medical research.

The vast majority of medical professional bodies and charities oppose the Bill.

Full details can be found at

You can write to your MP directly, or use the convenient Write to Them website: all you have to do is enter your postcode below and click on Submit and you will be taken directly to the Write To Them website.

However, if you use the Write to Them website, you must not just copy and paste the text above. Duplicate emails may not be delivered and it is a breach of Write to Them’s terms and conditions, so please make the words your own, highlighting the key points you want to make about the Bill. A personally-written email will have more impact and is more likely to persuade. Please also keep it polite and to the point.

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