Add our widget to your website

Putting the Stop the Saatchi Bill widget on your website/blog helps us: it spreads the word about the opposition to the Bill and, because it links back to this website, it increases the inbound links, which pushes us up search engine rankings, making it easier for others to find.

A few people have asked for help in adding it to their website to show support, so here’s a bit more detail about what you have to do.

If you have a WordPress or Blogger blog, it should be easy to add to one of the columns that already has widgets in it.


A step-by-step guide to adding a widget can be found here. In step 3, you need to choose the Text widget and drag it to the position where you want it to appear. You can give it a title and then enter the HTML in the main box below that.


A step-by-step guide to adding a widget/gadget can be found here. Enter the HTML code below.


Once you’ve identified where you want to insert our widget, copy and paste the HTML code below into the place you identified above and save it.

<img src="" alt="Stop the Saatchi Bill" title="Stop the Saatchi Bill" width="105" height="187" />

Check your website and you should see the new widget where you wanted it!

Stop the Saatchi Bill

If you would like to centre the widget in the column, use this code:

<img src=”” alt=”Stop the Saatchi Bill” title=”Stop the Saatchi Bill” width=”105″ height=”187″ />

You should then see this, centred in the column of your blog:

Stop the Saatchi Bill

If you need to change the size, alter the width and height numbers accordingly, but keep them roughly in proportion (eg width=”50″ height=”90″) so it doesn’t look too squashed!

Stop the Saatchi Bill

The above steps should work for most blogs, but if you have any issues, please consult your IT specialist!

Thanks for your support.